Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Definitely, Maybe", Romantic Comedy & Tragedy

Today is Valentine’s Day and I took my wife out for dinner and a movie. Overall it was a nice evening and I enjoyed getting to spend time with my wife.

Having become a fan of child actress Abigail Breslin she wanted to see “Definitely, Maybe”. It’s not my type of movie but it is Valentine’s Day.

The movie is centered on a husband/dad (Ryan Reynolds) who is in process of divorcing a wife/mom (Elisabeth Banks) and their daughter (Breslin) trying to figure out why her parents can’t stay together. Dad’s typical response to his daughter’s persistent questions with “It’s complicated” no longer is sufficient so he decides to tell her “the story”.

The story chronicles his miserable attempts to have and maintain meaningful relationships with women that he’s dated through the years. I thought it tragic for a dad to be telling his “sexcapades” to his daughter of about 10 years of age.

However, I was downright grieved at the story of his ups and downs with the various women of his life. What grieved me is that it was not an outrageous and unbelievable depiction. Increasingly I’m seeing such scenarios played out where men and women drink too much, have sex too quickly and have no internal compass to bring any wise guidance whatsoever. The story was totally devoid of any reference to God.

While at dinner my wife and I encountered an old friend that we haven’t seen for years. Our friend lost her marriage a few years ago and was tonight trying to find her blind date in the bar of the restaurant. There are better ways.

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not critical of those mired in messy relational experiences. I’m grieved. There are many reasons to have a relationship with God. Having God’s guidance and wisdom in finding a life mate or even having meaningful friendships is one huge reason.

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