Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's so "Super" About Tuesday?

We’re in the season of presidential primary elections. These primaries are held in each state in order to select delegates that will attend their party’s national convention. At the upcoming national conventions for Democrats and Republicans, each will officially nominate their candidate for president.

Today 24 states are holding their primaries which are the largest number of primaries to be held on one single day, thus the tag, Super Tuesday. The results of today’s primaries significantly impacts the presidential race if not determines it.

Today is a “super Tuesday” for me for another reason. Today is Shrove Tuesday. Shrove is an old English word meaning “to repent”. It is the Tuesday that precedes Ash Wednesday which launches the season of Lent. Shrove Tuesday is better known by the French Mardi Gras.

Dating back to the 4th century, Lent is the season of 40 days that precedes Easter and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore Lent is a time for Christ followers to seriously pay attention to the state of their heart and relationship with God. Shrove Tuesday is a day to prepare for the Lenten season.

In other words, we usually don’t stumble into profound engagements with God. Usually we must be intentional and proactive in engaging God. Lent is intended to be days of intentionally engaging God whereby God is invited to point out areas of needed change in my character and conduct. As a means of worshiping God I respond to God’s promptings with repentance (stopping one way of living and starting another). The goal is to celebrate Easter with renewed commitment to God and honoring God with progress in my sanctification (being made like Him).

Will I participate in Lent or not? Shrove Tuesday is an intentional day of making that kind of decision. Today is a day where I invite God to tell/show me how He wants me to spend the next 40 days and then I make a commitment to follow through on the plan.

You say, “I’ve never heard of all of this. Everything I’ve ever seen about Mardi Gras is partying that is marked by drunkenness and wild behavior.” I know. The world has a way of taking the “holy days” and making them “holidays” that often have little resemblance to the original and true meaning. Thus we have Santa Claus, reindeer, elves and heavy indebtedness for gift giving during Christ’s mass (Christmas).

Join me and thousands of other Christ followers around the world in making today “super” (significant and important).

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