Sunday, February 03, 2008

Two Become One on 2/1

Friday my son Jon married his bride Valerie. What a memorable occasion. It was their desire that their wedding not only be an occasion to witness their vows but for God to be worshiped. The church was nearly full and it seemed that all sang with a whole heart “In Christ Alone”. Truly it was one of the most powerful moments of the entire night.

Jon and Valerie wrote their own vows and they beautifully recognized the place of God in their relationship while expressing lifetime commitment to one another. Afterward a few people asked me for a copy of the vows.

I had flashbacks of the times during Jon’s childhood where I prayed for him and prayed for his future wife and children. God has wonderfully answered that prayer with Valerie being both a godly and beautiful (inside and out) woman. I couldn’t be any happier for them both.

One friend pointed out to me that our recognition of God making their two lives into one took place on 2/1 (February 1). What a special mystery it is that God can create a unique “oneness” in a marriage without losing the individuality of each partner. It is a picture of the oneness we can enjoy with Christ.

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Jackie said...

It seems hard to believe that your son is now a married man - as you said in your blog - God answered your prayers. I look forward to hearing more about how God works in their lives.

If you did share their vows - would you send me a copy to my email account?