Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Hand of God at Union University

This past week saw several tornadoes cut across the Mid-South of our country. My wife and I have all of our family living in Memphis and thankfully all are well. We also went to college in nearby Jackson, Tennessee at Union University. The small Christian liberal arts college had some of the worst tornado damage of any place around.

I’ve been excited to follow the developments of my alma mater through the years. Currently the school has the best and most published faculty in her history. Her contribution to preparing Christian men and women to serve God in business, medicine, education or ministry will only be known once we’re all in heaven but I can tell you it is substantial and far reaching. The past 10 years have seen unprecedented growth in developing the campus with several new classic academic buildings and new dormitories. Most of it was destroyed this past week (see the video below).

Such devastation often leads us to turn to God and ask “Why did this happen?” That question is probably there among the students and faculty but all I’ve heard in various media reports this week is, “God has been good. Not one life was lost.” That expression of faith does not surprise me. It also is genuine and not what they think a watching world wants them to say.

Union is a unique place. Union is the place where God met with me as an 18 year old student and changed the entire trajectory of my life. The foundation of my faith and my ministry were forged there. After my seminary training I returned to Union for a couple of years and served as Campus Minister. As a staff member I then had the privilege of watching God work in the lives of students from a different perspective.

The early cost estimates on the damage is over $50 million! Union will rebuild. There will be a lot of work to do. They hope to resume classes later in the month. I invite you to join me in praying for God’s blessings upon them.


Seven Star Hand said...
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Scott Brewer said...

Seven Star Hand

Your comments and perspective are not welcome here. Your self description of being "rough around the edges" is an understatement.

I would appeal to you to stop surfing for Christian commentary on life's difficulties but I know that it would do no good. You appear to revel in using your words to assault others.

Fresh Girl said...

Amen to your post! Still 14 years after I walked Union's campus as a student, I feel the tug back to her right now. I don't know where I'd be had I not had the privilege to be molded by the great men and women who taught me at Union.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea about your alma mater until I read your blog this evening. I will be praying for the school.