Monday, February 18, 2008

How Well Do You Rest?

November and December are busy months in the life of ministry and ministers. I hit January pretty fatigued and along with the historic building campaign Meadowbrook is conducting my youngest son was getting married.

With wisdom my wife saw that my life was going to need a break and without really consulting with me a few months ago she booked us some time away. She worked it out for us to fly to Palm Springs at no cost and stay in a vacation resort for 4 days and 3 nights at 1/3 the cost. When we arrived Sunday night and moved to the car rental counter we discovered they were out of the economy cars that we had reserved. So, they gave us a cool convertible at the same cost.

Today we drove around Palm Springs in 78 degree sunshine with the top down. We sat for hours by the side of a pool and talked, napped and read. At one point I was having something to eat and drink by the pool and was suddenly hit with a wave emotion. At the same time I felt gratitude for the opportunity to take some vacation and I felt some grief over the larger part of the world that will never stay in such a nice place, eat whatever they want or drive around in a new car.

I was humbled at the fresh realization that I haven’t done anything to deserve all the blessings I enjoy on a daily basis. There are many others who live with greater discipline, more sacrifice, better servanthood and a higher level of consecration to God than I. Yet they will not enjoy most of the temporal blessings I’ve already experienced in this world.

I don’t have any profound insights or theological gems to share. I just have a conflicted heart that is struggling to enjoy his blessings and not ruin a wonderful getaway for his wife. I’ll continue to pray and pay attention to what God may be doing in me and around me and perhaps I’ll have more to share later in the week.

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