Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Satan Uses Turbo Tax

This week I received my IRS Form W-2, my wife’s W-2 and a loan interest payment record and a record of my tithes and offerings to God through my church. I’m also paying out some money on my son’s wedding. While the realities of money are perking in my subconscious my oldest son turns away from the computer and says to me, “Dad, this article says that money is the number one reason that marriages come apart. I need to send this to Jon (his brother that’s getting married).” He quickly added, “Not that I think Jon’s marriage would ever not make it. I just thought it was important information.”

I agree that our attitude toward money and our use of money is very important. That’s not only true in marriage but especially true in our relationship with God.

When you have a few minutes check out the YouTube piece created by Life Church in Oklahoma. With a touch of humor they have accurately portrayed the dangers of money and the strategic tool it is by our enemy, the devil, to undermine our relationship with God.

Check out the Life Church web site sometime. It’s loaded with resources. Their current Sunday theme is “How to Be Rich”, which teaches how to be rich with what you already have.

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