Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Do You Own Stuff or does Stuff Own You?

Josh Harris has written an important series of posts entitled “Affluenza”. I certainly don’t want to jump on those who have a hangover from shopping and loading up their credit cards in recent weeks. Those soon-to-arrive statements will jump on you enough.

However, I am focused upon what needs to change in me and our world this year. Our mismanagement, abuse and waste of our resources and finances are near the top of the list.

Josh advocates in a clear and compelling way for us to--
1. Guard against all kinds of greed.
2. Get our financial house in order.
3. Push back against materialism.
(read all 6 parts to get the full treatment)

Along the way Josh referenced a 20 minute video presentation, “The Story of Stuff” featuring Annie Leonard. When you have the time I encourage you to reflect on her presentation prayerfully (view here). By prayerful I mean, ask God to speak to you through the presentation. I’m not sure I agree with every part of the presentation and I haven’t done the homework to check her sources for the “facts” she sites. Nevertheless, if half of what she says is true then we have cause for alarm and a need for change.

The acquiring and use of stuff tap into very important biblical/Christian issues/values:
a. Stewardship--we’re responsible to God as to how we use and take care of His stuff. He owns everything in the world.
b. Contentment--we’re promised as followers of Christ that we can experience contentment. The Bible makes it clear that experiencing contentment does NOT happen via stuff. Contentment is found by enjoying relationship with Christ.

With my first post of the year I’ve shared much that deserves our reflection, and proactive steps of change.

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