Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who's Right?

In the picture to the right, who’s right?

Increasingly I’m reading in the blogosphere about the esteem for Jesus but disdain for his church. Articles and books have been written and panels have discussed the matter.

The groaning usually centers upon hypocrisy, judgmental church members, cold/dead institutionalism or orthodox/doctrinal disputes. For the record I’m sickened and grieved by all the above. However, the movement (it’s debatable about whether it is significant enough to call a “movement”) away from churches to increased individualized Christianity is unbiblical.

Jesus established the church, died for the church, and continues to carry out His mission in this world through the church (which of course is people, not a building). Therefore, joining Christ in the work of reforming the church is not an option. It is a necessity. This is a time for better and more creative investment in the church, not abandoning the church.

Of course, a great deal of what Christ is up to in us (believers, His people) is transforming us into forgiven, forgiving, and loving people. If that is to be lived out rather than just theorized then we must engage hypocritical, judgmental, spiritually dead and contentious people and by the power of Christ become a healthy community. That process changes my life. I can’t stay the same if I’m going to learn how to love “hard-to-love” others.

And by the way, WE are all “hard-to-love” to someone.

God help us to BE the church and DO church as envisioned by the Founder of the church.

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Steve said...

Hey Scott,
You don't know me from Adam but I thought I'd let you know your blog touched me. I just happened upon it by being the 'next' blog from my friends.

You are right on topic & tie current events into the word well.

Thanks & God bless you,