Thursday, April 24, 2008

About What Do You Dream?

Some people dream about an ideal mate or job or what they would do if they became rich. Some more nobly dream of a better society. I dream about the Church. I believe that the hope of the world is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ, and I believe that the Church is the steward of Christ’s mission and message to redeem and transform humanity. Therefore, the Church is God’s strategy and primary means in order to be present among us, to woo and call us to Himself.

However, the Church, through the centuries and presently, has often found herself in a state of distraction, deception or disappointment.

This week I’ve been reflecting on the Lord’s Church, especially in the US since that is what I see and experience most. The church is declining in the US. For some time 80-85% of churches are in the plateau or declining phase. Of those churches founded before 1960, 66-75% are declining. According to David Olson research, 17.8% of America attends a church worship gathering on any given Sunday. Demographically, the younger a person is the less likely he will be involved in church.

There are many reasons that the US Church has succumbed to such a state. I am giving my one and only life to the service of Christ and His Church to see her full incarnational and missional potential reached, to the glory of Christ and for the sake of people.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you my dream.

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