Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Marveling

Recently I’ve been laying the ground work to launch a recovery ministry. As I’ve been reading materials, visiting with potential team members and interviewing others that lead recovery ministries, I’ve been sent down the road of reflection on how God has used the recovery process in me.

Raised in an extremely dysfunctional setting and adopting perfectionism and performance as tools for coping with fears, abandonment, and rejection, I was in danger of blowing up my marriage, family and church in my mid-30’s. It was at that point that a friend confided in me that he was a recovering alcoholic. I was not only curious about the 12 step program that he was working to maintain his sobriety but I began to see a way to break free from my own “stuff”. For over two years we met weekly and worked/discussed the steps with each other. God began to work deliverance in me that I long to see happen for others.

Meanwhile, every week I marvel at the broken people that God sends my way and how God somehow uses the health and life that He is working into me to bring life and hope to them. In recent days someone contacted me with obsessive fear and panic attacks. Someone else asked if I would address the “life questions” that are keeping him from God. Someone else engaged me about disillusionment with religious systems. None of these people are in my relational circles or in my church.

With 6 billion walking the planet God is so great and God is so good that He is working in and around us in many ways to redeem, restore and renew.

I’m just marveling at God today.

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