Thursday, May 08, 2008

People & Circumstances can be EGR

So I got into my new office one week ago. One of our staff ordered our phone and DSL service. We switched from our current DSL provider to Verizon. We’ve had our phone with Verizon and bundling it with DSL was going to save some money. A new modem was supposed to be shipped and our service was supposed to be operational by last Friday. Good timing for our office. Theoretically.

We didn’t receive the modem or the service so I called. Since that first call I’ve literally spoken to 18 Verizon reps and logged at least three and half hours on the phone. The details of the problems are too boring to write about but if you’ve ever tried to discuss a multifaceted issue with a robot, I mean person, who can only talk with you about one issue, then you begin to understand the dilemma. Once I would introduce an issue that was beyond their programming, sorry, I mean training, then they would thrust you back into the voicemail tunnel so that you could figure out which button to push next.

Both the people and circumstances were EGR (extra grace required).

I’m a busy guy. Most people are today so I don’t feel extraordinary about that. However, I have a relationship with God that works like this: “I’m Your servant. You are Lord over my time. I’ll spend time every day in ways that You want.”

So after the tenth person and a couple of hours I’m questioning, “God, is this how you want me spending my time?” There are leaders to support, sermons and studies to prepare, people in need that require attention……you get the point. Was sitting at my desk on “hold” how God wanted me to spend my time.

Then the “light bulb” came on. How does anyone grow in patience unless one experiences people and circumstances that require patience? Since I didn’t possess enough patience to deal with the mounting frustrations I needed extra grace from God to have and grow into more patience.

As most have discovered, if you need patience (or love, forgiveness, generosity, wisdom, etc.) usually God doesn’t just dump that upon you. Usually God gives grace to you in a circumstance that requires patience (love, forgiveness, etc.). Accepting God’s grace and then moving forward with that person or circumstance that is EGR brings life change and growth.

Today if someone offers the typical American greeting, “How’s it going?” I will honestly reply, “I’m in a season of personal growth.”

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Laurie almost-Hughes said...

Hi Scott! They were getting at this in the Beth Moore study "Living Beyond Yourself." She calls these people "Patientee's." :)