Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pray God's Comfort for the Chapman Family

Steven Curtis Chapman has for years been one of my favorite singers and song writers. I’m moved by his lyrics and his authenticity. I have followed his life, ministry and family for over 15 years. He has won 5 Grammy’s and over 50 Dove Awards.

The last time I heard Chapman sing in person was at Key Arena in Seattle at a marriage conference. He told some of the story of a song he wrote along with his wife Mary Beth several years ago. A friend of one of their children had a difficult family life. Her dad had been arrested and was in jail. The song asked the question, “Who’s gonna love Maria?” Ten years after recording that song Steven met a small Chinese girl who had been orphaned and the foster parents named her Maria. When Steven held her and looked into her beautiful eyes the song lyrics began echoing in his head and heart and he knew that he had to adopt that child, even though he and Mary Beth already had five other children!

The Chapmans not only adopted three Chinese children but they also launched a ministry to help others with the expense of adoption. They have provided grants to over 1700 other families to help with adoption expenses.

Wednesday 5 year old Maria was accidentally killed when she was run over by a SUV at her home driven by her older teenage brother. Several family members witnessed the accident. You can read more about it here.

What a precious family and sweet little girl. My heart breaks for them and I pray God’s grace and comfort upon them.

The Chapman’s song expressed their heart about the plight of children who live with too much pain and too little love. Maria became the picture of the need of so many children. The words are below--

Maria -she's too young to understand, but old enough to feel the pain

Of living where no love can grow with no hope for change

Maria - her world is an angry place but she makes sure that scars don't show

And with every hurt her tender heart is growing cold (but)


Who, who's gonna love Maria

Who, who's gonna touch her with the tenderness she longs for

Like a desert longs for rain She's got a hunger deep inside and with every tear she cries

She wonders if there's someone out there somewhere

Who's gonna love Maria (Maria)

She looks in the mirror now and the little girl is gone

But still the search for someone's love goes on and on for Maria

But does anybody care or even notice her at all

Is anyone listening close enough to hear her call (and who)


Maria if you can hear me, please know that you're not forgotten

Somebody's trying to get to you

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