Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas, the Day After

Christmas Eve our church was able to have our worship gathering though the weather remained challenging. About a third of our normal number was able to manage driving over our snow and ice covered roads. Afterward my family went out to a late dinner as is our custom. Christmas day we entertained about 14 guests for dinner and had a very good time together.

Now it is the day after. I went to the gym for a workout and all the guys were talking about having something of a hangover from too much food, too much company and too many gifts. What’s the day after like for you?

I closed my Christmas Eve talk with a story that several commented about and deserves repeating. I got the story from Charles Lowery, a regular writer for SBC Today.

Years ago, a young boy learned that the circus was coming to town. He had never seen a circus but had heard about how wonderful they were. He eagerly asked his dad if he could go. Reluctantly, his father informed him that he didn’t think they could afford the one dollar admission. However, he told his son that since the circus was still a few weeks away, if the boy worked hard and earned fifty cents, he would provide the remaining funds.

When the day arrived, the boy had enough money to buy a ticket. With great excitement, he arrived on Main Street to see the lions, tigers, performers, and the clowns march down the street. He had never seen anything so thrilling and was mesmerized by all the wonderful things. As the last clown danced by, the boy handed him his ticket, then headed back home. Later, when his dad arrived home from work, he remarked, “Son, you’re home from the circus a lot earlier than I expected. How was it?” His son described all of the clowns, lions, tigers, and performers that danced by him. He then told his dad about giving his ticket to a clown. All of a sudden a look of sadness fell across the dad’s face and, said, “Son, I have some bad news for you. Today, you missed the circus. You only saw the parade.”

Sadly, Christmas comes and goes and there are many people who miss the main event. It doesn’t have to be so because Christmas is not limited to December 25.

Christmas is Jesus. Christmas is receiving the gift of a Savior who reconciles us with a holy God. Christmas is an experience of worship where we open up the treasure that is our life and we give ourselves to God as gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Christmas is every day. Merry Christmas.

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