Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Questions God Asks, Part 1

Sometime read through the Bible and take note of the questions that God asks people. For example, when Adam and Eve ate forbidden fruit and were hiding from God, the Lord approached and called out, “Where are you?”

Because the rest of the Bible reveals to us that God is all-knowing we have to conclude that when God asks us a question it is not so that He can get some information that He doesn’t currently have. Rather, when God asks us a question it is for the purpose of our coming to grips with the answer. In other words, Adam and Eve needed to know and understand that they were hiding from God. The Lord not only knew they were hiding but He also knew where.

A couple of weeks ago I was struggling a bit on a personal level. I had been working hard and wasn’t having the results to show for it. I was a little confused and a lot frustrated. One evening while reading it seemed that God interrupted me. A question popped into my head and it seemed to me that God was in fact asking, “What have I asked you to do?”

With that question I stopped reading and pushed back from my desk. I repeated the question in my thoughts, “What has God asked me to do?” I instantly knew that God was asking me this question because I needed clarification and it was connected to my recent frustrations. I prayed and answered God and it seemed that I got it right and that He affirmed, “Yes, that is what I’ve asked you to do. Your frustrations are about something I haven’t asked of you.”

Wow. In a flash of a moment I had revelation and clarity. My recent focus that wasn’t yielding what I was looking for was not bad. In fact it was/is very good. But it was not exactly what God was looking for from me. In the next second God seemed to finish the thought with, “You’re doing what I’ve asked and I’m pleased.”

In less than a minute I went from troubled to triumphant and none of my circumstances had changed. The only thing that had changed was that I could better see my circumstances from God’s perspective. His question brought that new and correct perspective.

Today God gave me another question. I’m going to share it with you tomorrow. Meanwhile, let God ask you right now, “What have I asked you to do?”

Spend a few minutes prayerfully ruminating and see if God brings a little clarity your way.

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Eileen said...

BEFORE I was saved God asked me a question. Sitting in the dark, sobbing, I cried out to Him about my current grave situation, "I cannot do this God!" God spoke to me and asked, "Why not?" At That very moment God shined His Light into my heart. At that moment it seemed 2 ton of weight had lifted from my shoulders as God's Light entered in the exposed the lies of the devil and scales were immediately melted away from my eyes. Satan's lies were gone and God revealed to me that I had the means to handle the situation I just couldn't see the answers and resources I had--and satan had tricked me into not realize solutions and ideas..he blocked my vision.

God's "question" revealed truth!

Recently, God asked me another question. Same question He asked Hagar in the dessert. "Where have you come from AND where are you going?" HE already KNEW the answers to both questions. He used that verse to confirm that He was telling me to give my testimony and "the room" would be saved. I did and 4 of the 5 ladies gave their lives to the Lord..THE FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER BEEN USED TO LEAD ANYONE TO THE LORD! Praise Him!

He is leading me now to give a message..."What is God asking YOU!"
There are MANY questions of God throughout the Bible and I am going to research them for my message!