Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's that like?

Within the past few months I have become a member of a different Rotary Club that is closer to where I live. I work in Redmond but live in Sammamish. Though neighboring cities and my commute is only 10 minutes I virtually have no involvement in the community in which I live so I decided to get involved in the Sammamish Rotary Club.

I’m still getting to know people in this club and so a good bit of my conversation still revolves around finding out what people do for work and what kind of family life they have, etc. This morning after breakfast someone said to me, “So you’re a minister. What’s that like?”

I smiled because the question struck me as if I were asked, “So you’re married. What’s that like?” “So you’re a father. What’s that like?” How do you answer such a question? It is basically the same as asking “So about your life, what’s it like being you?”

Being a minister is not really a vocation though the IRS and virtually everyone else treat it that way. It is who I am. It is my life. I never have a moment where I’m not a minister just as I’m never, not a husband or not a father.

Before I share the answer that I gave reflect on the question. “So about your life, what’s it like being you?”

Is it good or bad? Are you glad or sad? Do you long to have anyone else’s life?

If there’s a down side to being you what will you do about that since this is the one and only life that you’ll get to live? Book stores are loaded with self improvement titles. At best those can only “tweak” a life. God promises to “transform” a life. I’ve bet my life on God.

What was my response to “what’s that like?” Truly I was not prepared for the question and so in a split second I dug down deep for an authentic response and up came these words—

“It’s great. It truly has been an adventure. I love getting to do what I do.”

I surprised myself a little with my response because I’ve recently been preoccupied with several difficult circumstances going on in the lives of people that I love and care about. I’ve sought to walk with these friends in helpful ways and so I’ve been a bit burdened lately. As I later got into my car and drove away I reflected more on my spontaneous answer and was grateful that at the core of my being there was a clear realization that I really like the life that I live.

For that I give thanks to my Lord.

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