Saturday, December 06, 2008

What if you knew the future?

Last night my wife rented the DVD, “Stranger than Fiction”. The 2006 release starring Will Farrell is based upon a fascinating premise. Farrell’s character, Harold Crick, one day wakes up and while brushing his teeth begins hearing inside his head an author narrating his life. Eventually Harold discovers who the famed author is and that all of her best-sellers end with the hero of the story dying.

Harold sets out to find the author and to kindly ask her if she would not kill him in the end of his story. She lets him see the rough draft of the ending where he does in fact die. But, she is so moved by actually meeting one of her characters in real life she indicates that she could be persuaded to rewrite the ending so that Harold doesn’t die.

Harold reads the rough draft, sees how he is going to die, and affirms the author that she has in fact written a very good story. He agrees that he must go ahead and die as written.

In a similar way God is the Author of our lives and our stories. Sometimes we don’t like the way certain chapters are played out and we’re not always sure of where the plot is going. But what if we had the opportunity to meet and talk with the Author? What if He gave us a glimpse of how the story finishes? Would we come to a similar conclusion with Harold that the Author has written a very good story? Would we agree that it is in the best interest of everyone that we proceed as written?

In Harold’s story he discovered that one day while waiting for his bus a child rides by on his bicycle and bumps the curb and falls over into the street into the path of the bus. The author wrote that Harold moved quickly to pick up the child and push him to safety but could not get out of the way of the bus himself. The bus ran Harold over and killed him. Harold agreed that it was best for him to go out of this life and into the next having given himself for the life of another.

In God’s story of our lives we “die daily” so that life is at work in others (2 Corinthians 4:11-12). I agree that the Author has written a good story and I want my life to proceed as written. How about you?

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